Finned Tube Heat Exchanger

United Finned Tube Heat Exchangers are a special European technology in which continues wire or strip of fin material is wounded spirally on the tubes and strengthened to withstandard higher internal pressure comparing with radiation type. Our range of finned tube heat exchangers are built on specialized European technology that helps our products to with stand higher internal pressure. Finned Heat Exchangers are having more heat transfer area, which is allowed to improve the efficiency. MATERIALS: Tubes, Tube sheets, shells, Baffles and Fins of Heat Exchanger are made out of various custom required material & TEMA Standards like seamless or ERW tubes and shells in Copper Aluminium, Brass, mild steel, cupro Nickel, Aluminium brass and stainless steel, carbon steel, admiralty Brass materials are used. The end of the tubes are probably welded or expanded with grooved tube plates by tube expanding machines up to a pressure level of 1000 PS1 Pressure. QUALITY: United Heat Exchangers are carefully designed and tested from selection of raw materials as per specifications and the quality is tested with its own quality control departments. X-Ray Hydraulic, Pneumatic, penetration testing are the series of regular tests routinely adapted by UNITED to confirm and witness the quality as per standards. Also Third party inspection agency like Lloyds Register, IBR,RITES and Engineers India are also arranged for Quality assurance.

PRODUCT RANGE: Water Heat Exchangers for process cooling, Generators etc. Oil coolers for Hydraulic quenching oil, transformers, gear boxes etc. Inter/After Coolers for Compressors, Condensers, Chillers, Evaporators, Air Blast oil coolers, Pressure vessels, Heat Exchangers & oil coolers for marine Air heaters, Tray driers for tea, leather etc. Wire/strip wounded fin type coolers for process cooling Hydraulic, Rig Compressors, Railways, Earth movers, Genset air coolers, Gas coolers, Dry Cooling Towers etc are manufactured.